January 12, 2019

Things You Should Never Write Or Do In Your Essay

Essay writing has always been one of the essential requirements at all school levels. Since not all people love to read, only a few students can write an essay with gusto. However, if you want to be right in writing an article, you can always practice writing by starting on the essential topics. You can write about yourself, your hobbies or the favorite TV show you still watch. As long as the topic interest you, writing an essay for practice is natural.

Although no universal template or format can be used in writing an essay, it still follows standard writing rules. And no matter what happens or how tempting it is, NEVER write the following in your article.

  1. Don’t flood your essay with facts and figures

    Some essay writing requires great discussions on serious global issues topics which require significant research and excellent execution. However, in writing an essay, it does not have to be filled with facts and figures as it would only bore the person who will be reading your work. As much as possible, write only the most critical data or the whole idea of the information.

  2. Avoid using too many cliches

    You can never impress an evaluator with an essay filled with cliche as these are outdated. Too many cliches will only reflect on your personality as carefree and irresponsible.

    Moreover, cliches would make your content look cheap and not enjoyable to read.

  3. Ignoring typos

    Ignoring the typos in your draft should not be tolerated as this can affect the meaning of the word or phrases. See to it that before you submit your draft, everything is proofread and edited. Failure to do so will only lower your chances to get accepted on college, getting a scholarship or winning a contest.

  4. Do not depend highly on spellcheckers and grammar checkers

    That is because they are not 100% reliable. Even if you purchased the premium account, it would be another waste of money because online checkers can’t analyze content in more profound meaning. They can only perform basic checking and plagiarism tasks.

  5. Don’t copy and paste

    Teachers nowadays have found ways to check the originality of the content that students submit. If you really can’t write essays, it is better to order essays from online writing services. In that way, you won’t commit the greatest mortal sin in creating high-quality content.

  6. Avoid using negative language, phrases

    No matter how severe the topic given to write an essay, avoid using negative language, expressions since these are not academically accepted. There are other ways to express your rage, anger, disappoints, etc. through words.

These are the things that you should never write or do in your essay. No matter how tedious this writing activity, you should learn how to write an article properly even if your command of English is not that good. To polish your draft, you can always ask for someone that is an expert in essay writing to have your work checked before submitting.

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