February 17, 2019

The Dos And Dont’s In Choosing The Topic For Your Essay

Choosing the topic for your essay is one of the hardest parts for most students. Usually, when the teacher provides the issue to write, some students are unhappy about it because they have to write something they are not interested in. However, if the students have to think about a topic to write, that’s when the meltdown starts. That’s because they have to choose among a plethora of possible issues they can discuss, in which there should only be one.

How To Choose A Great Essay Topic

To get a topic, some students go to different libraries and browse books and magazines for ideas. Others will search online to see what is trending while few will survey to observe the situations in society. With the ways above in gathering ideas to be able to choose the topic for their essay, one must know what to do and what not to do when selecting the item.

Choose a topic in the discipline that interest you the most

You can start choosing your problems from the things that spark your interest. Don’t hover over issues that are just popular but is not essential for you. The reason why it is better to write for the topic that interests you than what is popular is that when you write with interest, you are highly motivated. You share a lot of things that you know. Writing becomes personal. Compared to writing for what is popular, the impression of the writing seems forced and unnatural.

Analyze the specialness of the topic chosen. Is it broad or narrow?

Once you have decided what topic to write about, the next thing that you must do is analyze if it is broad or narrow. If you wish to discuss the issue directly, you can write about the topic in general impression. However, if you want your readers to have a deep connection with that you write, that’s the best moment to aim for a specific topic.

When writing for a specific topic, your supporting information should be concrete and could justify your claims. It should have the level of reliability and validity for you to make your claims credible enough to believe.

Select the best resources that will support your claims and arguments

Your supporting statements should come from the references that are valid and reliable. If you were to write a critical essay for a specific discipline, it is best to look for references in websites where published studies, journals, and podcasts thrive. Stay away from popular and editable sites as you can hardly depend on its content as this can be edited by anyone, anytime.

The mentioned materials can be considered some of the best as you can get reliable raw information which you can process in the course of writing your critical essay. The same thing can be done when you are writing your term paper. However, you must perform proper citations if you will be using statements by other people to support your arguments.

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